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tv   Good Morning Washington at 430  ABC  August 16, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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aking one for the team jim. >> he's got a tough stomach. that's what's making news in america this morning. >> stay with us for "go >> searching for answers into what led to a violent scene in chinatown at the office of a conservative lobbying group. i herndon man accused of shooting a security guard. police fear there could of been more victims. >> someone waking up $300 million richer this morning. where the grand prize winning ticket was sold for the powerball drawing. good morning, washington. it's thursday, august 16. i am cynne simpson. >> i'm brad bell, in for steve chenevy. let's go to meteorologist steve rudin. >> low humidity, lots of sunshine. how long will it last? grab the sunglasses.
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the umbrella behind. 71 degrees this hour at reagan national. 66 at dulles. winchester, now 61. forecast calls for sunshine, upper 80s low 90's. clouds increasing a little for the overnight. look for a chance of stronger thunderstorms late in the day tomorrow into the evening. this is a cold front moving closer to our area that could have the potential to bring us heavy rain and cooler temperatures by saturday and sunday. let's get an update on the rush hour commute with lisa baden. >> good morning. they are get to pick up a lot of overnight construction. it's normal around the beltway, through tysons, greenbelt, and montgomery county near university. southbound 395 on-ramp duke street there's a collision -- on the ramp to duke street.
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the exit ramp is blocked. they are cleaning up the crash. southbound looks good from the pentagon and down to the beltway. now to news. >> russian media reporting a plane flying from new york to moscow had to make an unscheduled landing in iceland after a report of a bomb on board. the plane was carrying 256 people if. the bomb threat made by an anonymous caller to new york city police. the passengers and their baggage are being inspected. our top story, the search for a motive in a shooting in chinatown. floyd corkins ii shot a security guard in the family research council. >> the security guard managed to hold him until help arrived. we have learned the suspected gunman volunteered for a local gay and lesbian organization and
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fbi investigators have searched a home in herndon belonging to his family. now the latest. >> investigators descended on this home late afternoon conducting interviews and going through the family home of the suspected shooter. no one leaving the house wanted to talk. neighbors described them as a retired military couple with two young sons and good neighbors with no sign of trouble. >> it's very surprising. >> unbelievable to me. i am really surprised. >> i have never seen anything. >> just before 11:00 a.m. when the suspected shooter walked into the conservative lobbying group in chinatown. he got into an argument with a security guard said something derogatory about the group, and pulled out a gun. sources tell us he said to the guard it's not about you, it's about their policy. he struck the guard in the arm.
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the guard was still able to tackle him --. >> the security guard was a hero. he did his job. >> in the shooter's backpack or materials on chick-fil-a. the family research council is opposed to same-sex marriage and its leader recently came out in support of the chick-fil-a president of in opposition today marriage. investigators are looking in best herndon home. a suspect is being held overnight on a charge of assault with a deadly weapon. roz plater reporting. >> more details about the family research council. group's mission statement says that it champions marriage and considers the process as a union between a man and woman. the group calls homosexual contact harmful -- homosexual conduct harmful and a natural
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and it is against abortion and euthanasia. for instant updates. >> another big story. the big powerball jackpot. one ticket matched all the numbers and it was sold in michigan. >> 8 tickets matched five of the numbers, including one from virginia. they will receive a million dollars each. 6,27the numbers are on your screen. the jackpot reached $337 million. that was the third largest ever. >> president obama is taking a break from the campaign trail today. he will meet with vice president biden's at the white house. >> this comes at the nation's first african-american governor weighed in on comments by bieden that some are calling racially insensitive. by biden.
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douglas wilder is criticizing joe biden. >> when he says they're going to put y'all back in chains, he means when you go back i will not be going with you. we don't need that from leaders. we don't need that from anybody. >> president obama is defending joe biden. he said that the remarks meant consumers would be worse off if republicans succeeded in doing away with the new restr aints on financial institutions. >> on wednesday paul ryan spoke to supporters at the university of miami and invited debate over its proposal to ovoverhaul medicare. obama says it'll hurt seniors and the poor >> . target is opening a new store in virginia holding a three-day job fair starting today.
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the event will take place at the crown plaza hotel on chain bridge road in mclean. it's open from 10:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. today and tomorrow. 9:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. saturday. retailers are steaming cups with a form of mobile pavement. >> walmart getting some heat over mexico. ellen braitman has more from new york. >> good morning. walmart already facing charges of bribery in mexico. now under more pressure. maryland representative elijah cummings along with a california democrat say that walmart's mexican subsidiary may have engaged in money laundering and tax evasion. the investigation is looking at five other nations as well. wal-mart and target forming a company to allow customers to pay with their smartphone. mcx is what it's called.
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other retailers on board include 7-eleven, best buy, and cvs. approval of congress oppose the performance fell to 10% in august, tying a record low set in february. stockbrokers got higher public approval marks than congress as well as telemarketers. millions of bumbo baby seats being recalled. more later. ellen braitman reporting for abc 7 news. >> it is 67 degrees. >> still to come last month movie theater shooting forced hospitals to cancel visits by a local man who dresses
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>> time to check on the weather. >> do we have some fall temperatures coming? >> we do. this weekend it's going to be much cooler than today and tomorrow. take a look at temperatures outside from the belfort furniture weather center. 71 degrees this hour at reagan national. 66 at dulles. doppler radar is clear and dry. that means a beautiful sunrise a little after 6:20 this morning. here's the express forecast, calling for daytime highs in the upper 80s to around 90.
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lots of sunshine, low humidity. now we have a chance of thunderstorms for the day tomorrow especially in the late afternoon and evening as a cold front moves across the region. more on that in a few minutes. first a check on traffic and weather lisa. >> overnight construction on the outer loop in greenbelt before the b-w parkway and extends past kenilworth ave. only one lane getting by. they have been working on the beltway forever. in tysons they should have the last barrel put to bed for the morning rush hour. travel times in our favor right now along the beltway through tysons and bethesda and across the american legion bridge. in good shape on 270 leaving father hurley. nothing complicated in virginia as far as 95 and 66. here we are on 50 in maryland through chevrolet near the new carrollton metro station to new york avenue, that's free and clear. -- in maryland through
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chevroerly. >> the latest in a colorado movie theater shooting. but there's a hearing set for today. >> it is supposed to discuss whether -- as opposed to discuss whether a note that james holmes wrote can be used. that will not be discussed until next week. >> lenny robinson of maryland dustup as batman for years visiting sick children and hospitals. he became a youtube sensation when he was pulled over in his bat mobile. his plan for cross-country tour was put on hold after the movie theater massacre in colorado. this morning is first local appearance will be made at a baltimore hospital.
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>> bryce harper is hosting a free baseball camp for young people today. it being held at fairfax high school. more than 200 children ages 6 through 14 are tending. he will make a donation to the greater washington urban league. 4:44, 67 degrees outside. >> where d.c. fire officials
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>> checking our top stories learn more about the suspected gunman behind an attack at the family research council headquarters yesterday morning in chinatown. the fbi says floyd corkins ii volunteered for a local gay and lesbian organization. he acted as the lone wolf. he opened fire inside the lobby and hit a security guard in the arm. a ticket holder in michigan is waking up a powerball jackpot winner. a ticket matched five members including one sold in virginia. they will collect a million dollar prize. the jackpot reached an estimated $337 million, the third largest ever. president obama is taking a break from the campaign. he will meet with vice president joe biden at the white house. as for the mitt romney and paul write-in campaign, the republican candidates will make more stops in ohio today. >> now to the penn state
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scandal, or arguments on pretrial motions are set for this morning in harrisburg involving two defendants. the university former vice president and the former athletics director are charged with perjury. they are accused of failing to report child sex abuse allegations against former football coach jerry sandusky and then lying to a grand jury. they are awaitingthe latest now on the deadly shooting at a temple near milwaukee. police have released killing 911 tapes. >> the sikh temple of wisconsin on halldale avenue. -- howell avenue. >> what's the address ma'am? >> that was one of the many calls as wade page opened fire earlier this month. he shot and killed six worshipers and then killed himself after a shootout with
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police. >> a montgomery county man has been convicted of first-degree murder in the death of his stepdaughter jessica nguyen. 12-year-old was found stabbed to death in her gaithersburg home. david hang's cell phone records put him near the home around the time of her death. he was angry over a long divorce with her mother a. he will be sentenced in october. >> around prince george's county, police investigating robberies in seat pleasant. they will need help identifying the young man and woman. the robbers happened august 9 between 9:40 p.m. and 10:45 p.m. on seat pleasant drive 59th avenue. anyone with information is asked to contact police. prince george's county police searching for the person was shot and killed a man in forestville. police believe the attackers broke into an apartment early yesterday morning and exchanged gunfire with the. man the 23-year-old deandre yates was killed.
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police have no description of the suspect. >> d.c. fire investigating whether there department was the victim of identity theft. they arrested two young women in atlanta, georgia, this week. the women were involved in a breeze and a plot to collect personal information from officers. detectives in atlanta say the women pretended to work for an insurance company. >> they said they were from employee benefits. anybody can be fooled. this is a good example. >> now d.c. fire officials say the two women visited several d.c. fire house is trying to sell insurance policies. d.c. police are debating. women are now in jail in in lands on identity theft and racketeering charges. they are from maryland. >> thousands of district of columbia employees will see an
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unexpected bumps in the next paycheck. there will be repaid for furloughs that turned out to be unnecessary. 22,000 d.c. employees were required to take unpaid days off during the last fiscal year when it seemed there would be a significant budget gap. but they ended up with a surplus. the payments will be added on to their next paycheck. hundreds of young eligible immigrants in maryland spent hours in line in an effort to stay in the country. >> yesterday was the first day to apply for a deferment program organized by the obama administration. dozens of immigrants pact offices in maryland for the opportunity to work and live in the u.s. without fear of deportation. >> it's the dream to get papers. let's i want to be successful, go to college. >> the day ended in disappointment for dozens of applicants. there were asked to return on saturday. 4:51, 67 degrees.
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>> thousands of fans marked the 35th anniversary of the death of elvis presley at graceland. how the occasion
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correct arrested morning. off to a fantastic start. get out the sunglasses. you will not need the umbrella
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today. -- good thursday morning. it is 63 degrees in gaithersburg, 68 in fredericksburg. there will be a good deal of sunshine for the day-to-day. clouds will start to increase a little as we move through the evening and overnight as temperatures fall to the upper 60's and low 70's. storms developing tomorrow afternoon, part of a cold front that will bring cooler air to the region for the weekend. take a look at the forecast. today looks great 86-91 degrees. wind out of the northwest at 5- 10 miles an hour. we did not win the powerball jackpot, but we did win the lottery with the weather. >> that is positive. traffic is better in maryland
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and good as far as traffic to the airport. we will take you to a picture of 395 traffic. there's a crash southbound at duke street, but it is against the rush hour. moving nicely. headlights are northbound in this picture. normal travel times across the wilson bridge, moving nicely through alexandria and oxon hill. no disruptions between 95 and dale city on the beltway. but on 95 northbound between selma and stafford a truck rolled over. >> thank you. joe jackson has dropped a wrongful death lawsuit against the man convicted and the death of his son michael and all las vegas pharmacy. >> he said that they allegedly sold dr. conrad murray propofol
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the month before his son died on june 25, 2009. it's not clear if a settlement was reached. conrad murray was convicted for the deaths of jackson and was sentenced to a four years and present -- prison. >> " elvis presley's wife and daughter greeted fans at graceland. first time they have done this together. he died at the age of 42 on this date after years of prescription drug abuse. 4:57, 67 degrees. >> much more to come. learn what presiden and
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